About Us

The 1st & Goal Project Inc. non-profit 501(c)(3) helps people achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence by equipping them with the skills and connecting them to the right opportunities.

We’re helping to tackle an ongoing problem

The 1st & Goal Project is founded by Dave DesRochers, an ex-professional football player who has been in the shoes of the people the Project is trying to help. Partnering with Amployer Inc., a for-profit job placement organization, 1st & Goal qualified candidates and others looking for jobs in manufacturing, trades, and other growing industries, will provide free and low-cost services to qualifying participants.

Even though the job market seems strong as the world and the US navigates their way out of the pandemic and potential recession, there is a massive issue with the unemployed and “underemployed” getting into the RIGHT jobs. Specifically, the untrained that want to change their social and economic situation. Many of those are veterans that fought for your freedom and to keep you and your fellow Americans safe. But they are not the only group seeking to elevate their current situation and achieve self-sufficiency and worth. Other groups include former athletes, justice-involved, individuals that have gone through substance treatment/rehabilitation, trafficked victims, and victims of domestic violence. Anyone wanting to transition or change their social economic situation are welcome to participate. We’re here to help.

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